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Living Healthy

Living Healthy is a brand produced in Australia exclusively for Terry White Chemmart, and includes vitamins and supplements that are in high demand both locally and overseas. Terry White Chemmart’s “Living Healthy” range has been clinically trialled and has evidence-based documentation and formulations that are effective and affordable.

Living Healthy is manufactured and owned by Star Combo Pharma. Star Combo Pharma is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium health and natural beauty products, with its high-quality development and manufacturing facilities located in Sydney, Australia.

Our Approach

Beesoft has crafted a contemporary, mobile-responsive website for Living Healthy, showcasing the full spectrum of available vitamin products, complete with pricing and a streamlined checkout cart. The e-commerce functionalities are underpinned by robust WooCommerce solutions. Recently, Beesoft has integrated advanced AI capabilities, specifically a custom-trained AI Chat Bot, into the website to manage customer support, facilitate lead generation, and maintain user engagement round-the-clock.

The Impact

The recent implementation of a custom-trained AI chatbot has markedly enhanced sales and lead generation, while substantially reducing the response time for customer emails. This advancement is primarily due to the AI chatbot’s capability to manage inquiries 24/7.

AI Chat Bot

Beesoft developed a bespoke AI Chat Bot tailored specifically for Living Healthy. This advanced tool has been integrated into the website to manage various functions such as customer support, lead generation, user engagement, and more.

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